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Complete shared hosting packages to custom private clouds.

Why we're rated the best by most clients
(we know who you other two are)


We spend a great deal of time and effort to make sure you're running on excellent hardware, with ongoing, careful attention to tuning for performance.

Zero Downtime

Ok, very nearly.
Half the outages you see online are at breaks in between and literal zero downtime doesn't happen or you're being lied to. We do our best t o stay as close as you'll see anywhere. You can see some servers, related services and client monitors at


We're cranky, but we're here for you. We want to help and we know how this stuff works better than most of the random "support operators" you get stuck with at ot her companies. Just keep in mind we're not here to do your job for you.

About CrankyNerds

We're nerds. We've been doing web hosting for a long time. It's our thing. We take a lot of pride in that and offer these services for those of you who need it, are fed up with the others and can tell the difference.

We do it, because we're tired of seeing the big guys squeeze the rest of you for every penny they can and their clever marketing trickery to make people thi nk they're getting better prices when, especially in the long run, just isn't true.

We do it because other companies frankly can't nail the important parts as well on a reasonable budget and we know the difference so we want services we can use ourselves for all of our nerdy stuff too. Not like we'd expect you to trust tech we don't put all of our hearts into, right?

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